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Blossom Thermography is based in Bozeman, Montana and is home for Thermography services in the Gallatin County and Southwest Montana. Our core service, Thermography Breast Health Screening, is a safe, painless, and non-invasive procedure that aids in early detection and prevention of breast cancer, providing a woman with a sense of control over her health. Since thermography can also aid in early stage disease detection and help uncover myriad hidden health issues, we also offer a wide array of services beyond breast health screeing. This includes screening for heart disease, neck and back pain, arthritis, dental issues, on up to full body screening services. Our core belief at Blossom Thermography is to help increase the overall health and wellness of our community by helping its people live healthy lives. Our foundation in preventive care is integral to this belief, and is augmented by the rewarding feeling of helping people live better lives.

We hope you find this website useful. Our goal is not only to introduce us to the people of this community, but also provide useful information on thermography, health issues, and related topics to the general public. Your comments and suggestions for improving this site are welcome. Please e-mail us at bevcoughlin@blossomthermography.com
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!
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